What folks I work with have said about me...

"[Todd] was a part of our design team, contributing to various projects while meeting and often exceeding expectations. He's an excellent team member that any company would benefit from having him a part of their business"

"Todd had an excellent ability for design analysis and strategy, and was great at creating logical user and system flows"

"He brings an exceedingly rare combination of professional expertise, excellent communication skills, an empathetic and inclusive approach to all aspects of his work and the relationships involved"

"His team project focused on our most difficult design challenges, and his solution was both well thought-out and actionable"

"...takes the time to consider and address accessibility concerns that many folks would ignore, and pushes for everything the team puts out to be as inclusive as possible ..."

"...diversity, equity, and inclusion are themes that he cares strongly about from the end-user experience all the way back up to the organization he is working within, and each of those levels and everything in between will end up better off for having listened to what he has to say"

"He's incredibly empathetic, sincere, detail orientated, growth-minded, thoughtful, inclusive"

"Todd’s talented eye for detail as a Product Designer and thirst for self-improvement in his field makes a big difference in the quality of the work that we do together"

"I enjoyed Todd’s team-mindedness and that he appreciated that we each brought our own expertise to the product"

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