The most important elements...
...of any project I am engaged with are collaboration, communication, the culture we create in working together, and the values of the organization. Design and the implementation of solutions is my passion. For me the best definition of design (and the heart of design thinking) is solving a problem within a given set of constraints.

The best design is not invisible, but solves problems elegantly. In the context of business, it meets the needs of the business and the needs of the user.

Questions I ask about the culture of the organizations that I would like to work with: What are the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion actions in the organization? Is it seeking to be anti-racist in its practices, products and services? Are people collaborating creatively in a cooperative and supporting work culture, within and across departments? How willing is everyone to learn and grow on both personal and professional levels?

If these are the driving questions you have in the forefront of your mission and activities, let's talk!!

So how do I make this happen? By being:
✎ a Product Designer, with a foundation in UX, 
✎ a Growth Strategist, using experimentation and analysis to drive design, 
✎ with a Product Management background, 
✎ and Front-End Development experience,
✎ an Information Architect,
✎ an empathetic Collaborator,
✎ a cross-discipline Educator, 
✎ a Presenter, and 
✎ a Solution Architect. 
Do you want to know more? Read on... 

My career in the tech industry has taken a path through Front-End Web Development (Web Engineer), Product Management, User Experience Design, and Growth Strategy. 

I have hand-coded HTML as a front-end engineer and team lead, early on promoting the use of CSS which at that time was a pioneering technology. Later in my career I also mastered Wordpress as a development choice then moving on to Webflow.

In Product Design (which incorporates UX, IxD, UI, and IA) I create a bridge to ensure the business needs and the user needs meet... satisfying both sides by utilizing proven strategy, empathy and intuition. Utilizing tools like Optimizely, VWO, and Hotjar, give me data to optimize the conversion rate of the users, imcreasing sales.

Completing 700+ hours in immersive training and certification in the field of UX has taught me to hone my skills and use the current and cutting edge tools of Product Design in a methodological and structured way.

My strengths are in User Research, Information Architecture, Design Analysis, Logical Flows and User Stories. I firmly believes in testing ideas with users, following this with iterative design, in a collaborative and inclusive environment. My best work is done with a team.

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